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Data Structures and Algorithms

Posted on:December 11, 2023 at 03:22 AM

not Secret

It is not a secret that frontend developers often lack on basic computer science knowledge such as data structures or algorithms. Even if you once knew of it, it is rare encountering a problem on the frontend that cannot be solved by someone else’s library, hence you end up not trying to solve a problem and relying on a black box.

I’m not exempt from the previous statement. But I’m trying to change that!

dsa created with Midjourney

I started taking the courses on about algorithms, data structures, and advanced algorithms. They have helped me a lot, the courses are gamified, interactable, and clear.

While going through them my favorite structure became the Linked Lists, especially the LLQueue which is an implementation of a Queue with a Linked List, is very simple and straightforward and every functionality runs at O(1)!

After this, I’m going to be working through The Primagen’s course on Frontend Masters: The Last Algorithms Course You’ll Need.


I thought about creating a 3D gallery where you can go in and check how different algorithms and data structures work. It could be like a hall with rooms or a more dynamic scene.

Maybe a boat in the ocean and every island is a structure or an algorithm!

Anyway, I’ll keep on learning and becoming better.
Thanks for reading!